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Wellington-based juice company Almighty is focused on creating quality natural beverages, while supporting, empowering and strengthening its community.

Almighty juices are made with organic fruits, vegetables and super foods; packing in heaps of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Since launching in December 2015, their juices can be found in hundreds of cafés, restaurants, bars and grocery stores across New Zealand.

The company, founded by siblings Ben and Jess Lenart, values fair trade and sustainable business practices and demonstrates its commitment with every sale. Three cents from the purchase of each bottle is donated to organisations like Garden to Table to assist with the planting of vege gardens in local schools. A passion for connecting people with the land and educating kiwi kids about gardening and cooking with fresh produce is integral to their company’s mission and success.



Situated in the South Pacific, over 1,000km from its nearest neighbours, New Zealand was one of the very last lands in the world to be populated. The source of Antipodes can be found near Whakatane in the North Island’s Bay of Plenty, surrounded by hills, rivers, forest and lakes.

Antipodes became the world’s first and is still the only mineral water to be carboNZero certified. From its source, to any dining table in the world our water leaves behind absolutely no carbon footprint.

Antipodes is committed to producing the world’s best water in a way that is sustainable and ethical. The aquifer replenishes at a far greater rate than we could ever take the water. We only bottle to order so that we are utilising only what we need from this precious resource.



To us at Kauri, food is love. We come around the big kitchen table to share both food and stories, to have communion with our friends, our family.

Simple Food - Handmade daily.

We cook in a homemade, wholesome way - using ingredients we can name and recognise.   No unnecessary additives, no experiments, nothing too complicated or morphed; we take natural ingredients, purchased locally, make our own fresh pasta and cook them traditionally.  Our vegetarian lasagne is made with a beautiful mushroom bolognese.

Our pies are made in small batches by hand every day, always individually tasted. We use fresh herbs and spices so our pies have natural bright flavours, herbaceous, sometimes spicy and always pleasurable.

Website - https://www.kaurikitchen.co.nz/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kaurikitchenLTD/
Insta - https://www.instagram.com/kaurikitchennz/



King Avocado is one of Australasia’s most trusted fruit brands.  Located in NZ’s ‘winterless’ far north, bounded by pine forests & idyllic beaches on 160 hectares of free-draining sandy soils, with a huge aquifer of pristine water beneath.  Independently verified as one of the best locations in the world to grow avocados.

Website - https://thegoodavo.nz/   www.valicnz.nz/king-avocado
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thegoodavo/
Insta - https://www.instagram.com/thegoodavo



Squeezing four Frenchmen in a shipping crate was not easy, but it was worth it. They now squeeze generations of charcuterie tradition into every L’Authentique product. Hand-crafting quality cuts of free-range & free-farmed NZ meat.

WE USE ONLY prime cuts of free farmed NZ MEAT.
NO trim meat, NO flour or filler
NO added chemicals
NO added nitrates
NO Artificial flavours
NO added preservatives

Website -https://www.lauthentique.co.nz/
Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/lauthentiquenz/
Insta - https://www.instagram.com/lauthentique_charcuterie/


Almost 10 years ago, Lewis Road Creamery founder Peter Cullinane set out to create the world’s best butter. After achieving something pretty darn close to it, what followed was a plight to make dairy products ‘the way they should be’, products that any New Zealander would be proud to buy. Today, Lewis Road makes everything from cider to sour cream, milk, butter and everything in between, heroing process and quality above all else.

Website - https://lewisroadcreamery.co.nz
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lewisroadcreamery/
Insta - @lewisroadcreamery #Lewisroadcreamery 



When it comes to the crunch, or the smoothness, or the freshness, Nut Brothers believe it all starts from being local. 

Nut Brothers are locals, so local, they small-batch roast here in Auckland.

It is that local roasting which Nut Brothers believe delivers a fresh and flavourful nut butter every time.

Nut Brothers believe, that just like espresso coffee, you can really taste the difference in the freshness when peanuts are roasted and milled the same day, right here locally in New Zealand.

Being local to Nut Brothers means there is a Kiwi on the end of the scoop, loading peanuts into a roaster, listening to the peanuts crack, smelling the aroma of the roast and watching the roast closely until it’s perfectly ready for grinding.

So, if you really want to support local, choose Nut Brothers- with their range of natural flavours, like their five-star health rated Salted Caramel Peanut Butter or their 65 percent Cacao Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, or Culley’s collaborated Smokin’ Chipotle Peanut Butter. Nut Brothers also crank out some delicious Almond Butters too, Regular Plain, Sticky Dates or Sunflower & Chia Fibre.

Enjoy some fresh Nut Brothers today.

Website        https://www.nutbrothers.co.nz
Facebook      https://www.facebook.com/nutbrothersnz/
Instagram      https://www.instagram.com/nutbrothers/



RTD's are back, but not how you would remember them, loaded with sugar and regret. With people becoming more conscious about what they're putting in their bodies, what they eat, what they drink and how it makes them feel, we wanted to create something that would tick those boxes. This is it, Pals, in four thirst-quenching flavours, using only a minimal number of the best ingredients we could source. They’re low in natural sugar coming only from Hawke’s Bay apples, but we haven’t compromised on taste, they’re delicious. We’ve used premium, all-natural flavours and real lemon and lime fruit extracts from the Hawke’s Bay. Unlike many other RTD’s on the market, we also only use an extremely clean, high-quality spirits, hence why Pals are so smooth. Our ingredients are great for our mates who are also gluten-free & vegan + Pals are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. All packed into an easily recyclable can, handy since the glass recycling bin has shrunken considerably. We want ease and convenience, Pals is something you can take to a picnic, bbq, summer party or any moment worth celebrating with all the hard yards of mixing a drink already taken care of by our mixologist.  

Website - https://drink-mc.co.nz/pages/pals



Raised in the crystal clear waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds, Regal Marlborough King Salmon is known for its incredible flavour, colour, texture and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It’s the unique mix of currents, water quality and temperatures, the ‘merroir’, that elevates our King salmon above the rest. When you choose Regal, you can be sure you’re enjoying some of the best salmon in the world.

Website - www.regalsalmon.co.nz 
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RegalSalmonNZ/
Insta - @regalsalmonnz



We are straight up in our brewing.

We want our beer to taste clean and to honour the ingredients. We are in to making styles that have been around for a long time and seeing how they turn out in our hands, and in our brewery. These beers have a heritage and yet making them up north will always give them an edge.

We drink this beer so it matters to us what is in it. No sugar, preservatives or colour. All our beer is unpasteurized which means a shorter shelf life and more vibrant flavour.

This is beer with roots.

Website - https://www.sawmillbrewery.co.nz/



Serious Food Co. was launched in July 2015 by  Roger Holmes. Our inaugural product, Serious Popcorn was a natural start.

Snacking has a bad rap. Most snack foods aren’t made in a way that’s any good for you or the planet.

We’re here to change all that.

From the farm to the bag, our organic products are 100% traceable,  and free-from chemical nasties. So you can snack in a way that’s sustainable for your body and sustainable for the world. We call this sustainable snacking.

You may have noticed our mascot, Serious Bear. Why so Serious? Serious Bear is concerned about what you’re snacking on. He’s giving you that look. Enough of the chips, stop it with the chocolate bar, you. I’m giving you this look out of love. Because I care. Like a bear.


Website : https://www.seriousfoodco.com/



When we started out in ’93, we roasted coffee for ourselves, pretty much because we were some of the few people around to drink it. Two decades and several waves later, our focus has grown a little broader - our customers, our friends.

It's tempting to get caught up in the latest and greatest, but we try to remember who we are doing this for and what it is we do best: roasting delicious coffee and creating meaningful coffee experiences for folks who simply love coffee.
So now we roast coffee for our amazing customers; be they café owners or enthusiastic home brewers - coffee drinkers! And luckily, we still get to drink it too.

At the heart of Supreme is people, and the way coffee connects us. 

Perhaps our core product is not in fact coffee, but instead, what happens over a coffee shared - generous hospitality.

Website: https://coffeesupreme.com/



TE MANA Lamb. NZ High Country Bred. Food From Heaven
You’ve never experienced lamb like this before. No-one has. TE MANA LAMB allows rules to be broken.
While breeding sheep to be healthier and better adapted to high country environments, we discovered sheep with a different type of fat, an intramuscular fat, higher in Omega-3 with Wagyu beef‐style marbling on a micro‐scale. Something never before seen in lamb. The result is an entirely new lamb eating experience.
TE MANA LAMB introduces new levels of delicacy, mouth feel and texture. Because of its unique composition, TE MANA LAMB doesn’t behave like regular lamb during preparation and cooking. It is more versatile, allowing you to create like never before. You’ll find TE MANA LAMB  retains its shape and texture better, is less prone to cooking shrinkage and more forgiving of over-enthusiastic cooking! The benefit to you is delivery of consistently high quality, original dishes.
Part of the TE MANA LAMBTM secret is capturing a perfect moment in time. TE MANA LAMB is aged 21 days.
This gives you absolute confidence in the consistency and quality of the product delivered to you. All underpinned by rigorous new standards and scientific methodology. The result is an entirely new  kind of lamb. Produced by our farming families for you.
TE MANA LAMB are raised in New Zealand’s iconic hill and high country. Just 16 committed founding farmers were carefully chosen to raise these animals on their remote South Island stations.
The unique combination of new breed, rearing location and conditions, farming practices and finishing grazing on chicory herb pastures for 30 days, has led to naturally high levels of healthy Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fats.
Served in the world’s finest restaurants. Now delivered to your door.
TE MANA LAMB has created a sensation among leading chefs and diners in the world’s finest restaurants since its official launch in May 2017. 
Winner of the Innovation in Food and Beverage category at the New Zealand Innovation Awards 2017.TE MANA LAMB is richer in Omega-3 than any other red meat. Because of its unique composition, TE MANA LAMB doesn’t behave like regular lamb during preparation and cooking. It is more versatile, retaining its shape and texture better.  TE MANA LAMB is less prone to cooking shrinkage and more forgiving of over‑enthusiastic cooking!  TE MANA LAMB is aged 21 days.

Website -  temanalamb.com
Facebook - TE MANA LAMB
Insta - @temanalamb



Launching August 2019, these real meals are ideal for households who love great food, care about what’s in their food, but a few nights a week, need a fast solution. Simply heat sauce in fry pan, cook fresh past in a big pot of boiling water for three minutes, drain and toss into sauce, adding a big knob of butter to bring it all together. Serve with plenty of herbs and parmesan. Mamma Mia! These will please the children and adults alike.

Our sauces are made from scratch in our Auckland kitchen. We use natural ingredients and cook low and slow. They are designed for those who love great food, but maybe don’t have five hours afterwork watching a pot bring the flavours on.

Website - https://www.peoplespasta.co.nz/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thepeoplespasta/
Insta - https://www.instagram.com/thepeoplespasta/